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    Both are world-class plants capable of manufacturing standard zeolites as well as custom products for specific customer applications. All Zeolyst International manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified.

    Extruded products are manufactured at a specialty extrusion plant in Ghent, Belgium. The plant contains specialized process equipment designed to produce catalysts and extrudates with preferred physical and chemical properties.


    Zeolyst at a glance

    Zeolyst is a leading global supplier of specialty zeolite powders and catalysts.

    Quality assurance

    Zeolyst is ISO 9001 Certified – We apply "Continuous Quality Improvement" philosophy to meet and exceed all customer expectations.

    Research and development

    Zeolite development and scale-up are conducted at R&D Center of Ecovyst; Hydrocracking and petrochemical catalysts are developed at Shell Technology Centers.